Common topics
Netspec has several strengths, so could be the right development team that you can trust and rely on if your business is in Australia.

1) Netspec has developed its own mature components. Once these are deployed in your web site, it is easy to maintain and support for you in the future.

2) For requirements and problem solving of complex web sites, especially e-commerce web sites, Netspec is contacted by not just MSN, and phone, but also face to face.

3) The price is right. Enjoy success of your business in Australia is our greatest value.

4) Any Netspec client's web site will be automatically a RatebeStar in www.ratebe.com, which is very handy to promote business in Australia.

5) Friendly development staff are always keen to help you.

So, don't hesitate to choose Netspec as a part of your business builders.
About two weeks.
Actually, for our experience, to design a online shopping web site, from requirement to final stage, may need one month even more since we may wait for some material and confirmation from clients, this will delay furthor actions.
Five stages:
Requirement, design, implementation, test, and make it live.

We charge 20% of whole amount after design stage if we are involved in all five stages. We charge 20% of whole amount during implementation stage if we are involved in the last three stages.

We charge another 80% after test stage.
Yes, we will have speedy responding once there is an error that caused by our coding.

We advise that an old web site needs to be redeveloped if some technical components are not up to date.
Yes, we are responsible for submitting our designed web sites into major search engines, e.g., Google, Baidu, etc, and optimize meta tags, file name, page structure, page content, etc in your web sites.
We need to collect your requirement, so it is better if you have any description documents to specify your requests, including:
1) the purpose of web site
2) target users
3) web site colours
4) page layout
5) particular functionality
6) when it must be ready to use
7) similar websites
The technologies are based on client's requirement, we will find a best solution and architecture for your business. We extensively use Linux, PHP and MySQL, sometimes use Java, Oracle, ASP.net and MSSQL.
We have a lot of methods to test to ensure developed functions work properly. However, we still need the web site owners to test by themselves, this will reduce our unavoidable ignorance. We even fine-tune somethings to suit your further requests.
Yes, you can update content by yourself, especially if the web site was installed with our database driven Hotnet.

However, some content that is just need to be changed occasionally, we advise that it is not necessary to be database driven active page. Static page is preferred since it will be opened much faster and more stable than active page.
Web site owner owns the license of whole website, including source codes. We develop web site for you based on contract, this means you buy license of our software and source codes.
You may have three pairs of accounts:
1) domain registrar account, where you register your domain name
2) web hosting account, where you host your web site
3) web site back end admin account, where you maintain and update your web site content.

Normally, web hosting company asks you to provide domain registar account for setting DNS or nameserver.

The domain registrar account is very important, it indicates the legitimate ownership of web site. DNS in the account can be changed if you need to move web hosting to a new company.
Hotnet is CMS plus online shopping cart, which is a comprehensive content management system and e-commerce system designed and developed by Netspec core programmer.

It is different from normal CMS, has been enhanced by an option to open a merchant account to sell products directly on the system.
Ratestar is a featured business page in ratebe.com web site. It has powerful functions to promote your business, e.g., post discount products, videos, etc.
There are some choices of payment methods for Australia online shopping web sites, e.g., Egate, Bpay, DPS, Worldpay, Paypal, and Bank Deposit.

We recommend Paypal, Bank Deposit and Bpay, these are relative secure.
Web design
You preference is important. It is easier for us to locate the location of your goal and dream if you can tell more details of your preference. Many factors must be taken into account for designing a web site, for example, our designers will not just consider the type of your business, but also try to satisfy your personal demand and appreciation.

There are no much differences among banks, but they have very different colour scheme for their logos and CI design. ANZ is blue and white, Commonwealth Bank is golden and black, St George bank is red and green. So, what is your colour for a web site?
Template must be designed before starting programming part. So client need to confirm the template before further process. We have difficulties to change it in later stages, especially it is hard to change related shape and colour of images distributed on interfaces. Changing template at any later stage, is almost equivalent to design a new web site.

This does not mean that we are not able to change anything, we are still keen to change some independent elements, e.g., bulletins, logo, etc.
Web hosting
All web hosting in Netspec is called "web hosting + technical upgrade" package.
This package includes web hosting and technical upgrade.
Web hosting is a simple part, we charge about $4/month or less for small business with normal traffic loading.

Technical upgrade is an expensive part. A web hosting company does not provide this service. Normally a web design company needs to charge if technical upgrade is required for an old website.

Netspec charges the package from $15/month is an extremely low price in the market.

The technical upgrade includes:
1) Front end technologies, e.g, Javascript and HTML are outdated and not working properly, then need to be upgraded.
2) Back end server scripts or components are too old and not working properly, need to be upgraded
3) Database is too old and not working properly, needs to be improved
We provide free update for general content in web site, which may spend us less than half hour every time. For more than half hour job, charge $50/hour.

For full technical support, need to charge at least AU$50/week.

For full technical support and limited content support, need to charge at least $AU100/week.

We have some clients, we never charge for update for a few years. We also recognize that there are many opportunities for us if clients' businesses are growing based on their web sites.

So, basically, we help clients to start businesses, we are growing along with our clients.

Netspec shopping cart

Orange Cart is the fruit of netspec green technologies, the fresh energy for web design and e-commerce websites.

Main functions:
  • Comprehensive and unlimited depth of product categories filtered by dynamic brands and types
  • Product variants with self-defined attributes, e.g., colour, style and anything (new)
  • Handy shopping cart
  • Australia post shipping API (new)
  • Barcode for POS order and stock management
  • Any payment gateways, e.g., Paypal, Credit card merchant accounts
  • Wholesale and retail interfaces