# 1    Akin all the barrio including the Mine Shaft
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Akin all the barrio including the Mine Shaft for the annual objective. This bandage of catapults can accomplish quick plan of antagonist walls, towers, and arresting emplacements. Abide afresh to the northeastern ancillary and abate accession dwarven base. Use catapults and if the antagonist sends out a adverse attack, repel it with heroes, Avant-garde Trolls, archers, and Blaze Drakes. Drove the walls, towers, structures, and the Mine Shaft FUT Coins. The final abject is to the southeast. The aboideau to the Blaze Drakes is on the southeastern side. You’ll accept to abate the abject to get there. Already afresh the antagonist architecture and catapults are the bigger dangers. Patiently abate anniversary in about-face with your catapults and use Avant-garde Trolls, archers, heroes, and Blaze Drakes adjoin antagonist units that avant-garde to repel your cutting avant-garde force. Abort the Mine Shaft on the eastern side. Abate the aboideau captivation the Blaze Drakes and add them to your group.
Now you accept to accretion the Dragon Lord; he’s amid in the far northwestern bend of the map. Accretion the admission to this aisle on the northeastern side; already there alpha traveling west alternating the arctic bend of the map. Men of Dale will arise and avant-garde to impede your avant-garde to the Dragon Lord. Your heroes and Blaze Drakes will accomplish quick plan of the anemic antagonist archers. Avant-garde your heroes and Blaze Drakes to the northwestern corner--to the Dragon Lord--to complete the mission.
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