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There are two above styles of Log Splitter and that is vertical and horizontal. A vertical splitter gives you the advantage of alive with your ambit abutting to the arena so you don't accept to lift them up on the plan table.

The disadvantage of this is you will accept to plan on the arena angled over or admiration down which can be afflictive and harder on your back. And afterwards the pieces are breach you may accept to bandy them out of your plan amplitude or lift them up to move them out of your way.

With a accumbent splitter you can plan continuing up in a adequate position. If you are architecture your own splitter you can achieve the plan table so it fits your acme comfortably. Afterwards you breach the pieces you can just advance them off he table and hey abatement out of your way.

The disadvantage of the accumbent splitter is you are traveling to accept to somehow lift the ambit up to the plan table. For me it's account appropriation the ambit to be able to plan in a adequate position so I adopt the accumbent design. If the ambit are too big to cautiously lift I just rip them into a baby abundant admeasurement with a chainsaw.

If you wish the best of both worlds you can body a Lumber Jack Log Splitter that will calmly catechumen from accumbent to vertical. This is adequately simple to do by ascent the capital I-beam to a articulation so it can angle 90 degrees. I accept never done this aback I don't acquisition abundant use for a vertical splitter but I apperceive some humans like them.
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Reply: With a accumbent Log Splitter you can plan
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