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There are many obstacles to achieving the objective Forex Equinox of providing forex signals that really replicate what the professional trader is doing. Firstly there's the time delay; just how quickly can you receive the forex signal from him, place the orders onto your account and send them to your broker. If the trader is using market orders where he trades instantly then it's simply impossible to get the exact same trades he does even if you were sitting next to him!

However if the trader uses either "stop" or "limit" orders as the basis of the forex signal then there's a good chance there will be time to enter the details to your own forex account and get the order in before the price has moved to fill the order. This way you would be able to exactly replicate the professionals trades as far as entry price goes.

Once price has moved to fill the order a professional forex trader will often almost immediately take some action to reduce the risk by changing the stop loss order, or taking some small profits as price moves in his favour. Trades may last minutes, hours or days and the forex signal service must inform followers of every single step the trader does to manage the trade.
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