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Different kinds of rare textures of different woods and different parts are the favorite of classical style wood cabinets. Secondly, the wood treatment method adopts the natural drying and drying oven drying method to remove the gap between the woods and moderately shrink the gaps between the lines to avoid curl deformation.
The third is to select the location of the wood. Most of the best wood comes from the wooden heart of the wood and is close to the lower part of the trunk, while the central wood is usually blacker than the new wood or the outer layer. High-end cabinet furniture often chooses good wood for added texture and value.
The luxury of taste has always come from the quality of the food that the chefs insist on. But in the end, to include luxury in the category of derogatory words, we must eliminate the characteristics of the material, reveal the delicate semantics of its spirit, and the noble attributes have always been.
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