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<p>fees.In the industry's view,<a href=''>deck design ideas freeware files</a> Dulwich is not original to obtain these patents, and even some of them are not very bright, so long-term criticism of Dulwich's patent rights, and even referred to its "patent fraud."Ye Changhai, the person in charge of the original Baofeng floor, who has experienced the Dulwich rights lawsuit,cheap picket fence panels 1ft said that many of Dulwich’s patents were copied in professional books in the industry, and there is no originality.Gao Zhihua, </p>
<p>an old expert with the reputation of “the pioneer in the flooring industry”, <a href=''>sri lanka home window pictures</a>said from a professional point of view that Dulwich Floor often uses the technology known in the industry to apply for patents. “There is a saying in the industry that the carpenter is not chamfered and the craft is not mixing of wooden powder in concreteThe technology of chamfering is something that all carpenters know, but it is patented by Dulwich with the corresponding technology. ”He also said </p>
<p>that Dulwich often applied for different patents through different technical terms, and he could not afford to scrutinize.<a href=''>alat pembungkus kursi agar tidak licin</a>In addition to the doubts about the patent source, Dulwich’s method of collecting patent fees in the flooring industry for many years has also been less popular in the industry.Yan Peijin,tanzania wall panel president of the Ou Dian floor, who once had a courtroom with Dulwich, believes that Dulwich always asks for money from various </p>
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