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<p>patents.Gao Zhihua believes that the living environment of the floor enterprises is not good.<a href=''>outdoor diy deck flooring company</a> Dulwich uses patents to carry out frequent rights protection. The law is up and the morals are unclear. "This patent fee will increase the pressure on enterprises and the pressure on enterprises. In the end, it will be passed on to consumers, plastic outdoor roofs for deckswhich is not conducive to the development of the flooring industry in the long run.It is a great news that the patent of </p>
<p>Dulwich has been invalidated because it has been loosened for many companies.<a href=''>buy outdoor engineered wood furniture</a>At the same time, he suggested that in the future, the patent office should consult the professional authority of the industry when applying for patents, and avoid the research of many parties to avoid allowing some enterprises to take advantage of the loopholes.Ge Yuejin,rustic solid decking platform products sale uk the president of Dulwich Floor, who is also a patent applicant, told reporters that the eight </p>
<p>claims issued by the State Intellectual Property Office are not invalid.<a href=''>vinyl coated garden fencing</a> At most, there are objections. Dulwich will continue to prepare relevant evidence in intellectual property rights. The Bureau reclaimed its patent claims within the specified time.Around the patent rights and resistance, the laminate flooring industry is clearly not over.composite siding for shedsI have heard that people talk about the way of health, and have never heard of wood and the way to </p>
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