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<p>"health."However, the reporter learned that Zhejiang Dewei Flooring Co., Ltd.<a href=''>contemporary composite decking</a> of our county has been talking about “health” for wood since last year.How does wood "preserve"?Originally in June last year, Zhejiang Taike Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. built a timber health house for Zhejiang Dewei Flooring Co., to cover a decking with corrugated sheetingThrough the “health” of the past year, the wood not only improves the moisture content too high or too low, but also effectively </p>
<p>ensures the drying and stable performance of the wood.It is understood that wood drying is an important part of wood processing.<a href=''>patio tiles interlocking over grass</a> More and more enterprises have realized that the quality of wood drying is directly related to the quality of wood products, and the quality of wood drying depends mainly on drying equipment and to lay laminate planks at a front door Process.Especially for the solid wood composite flooring produced by Dewei floor, the impact is particularly </p>
<p>important.According to reports, the health room consists of three separate rooms. <a href=''>plastic flooring for paving</a>The equipment mainly consists of a control system, a humidity control system, an air circulation system and a casing. Each health room has a heater, an exhaust fan, a temperature device and a humidity device.decking for boats singapore And configure the automatic control system.Take the dough of the solid wood composite floor as an example. The two plates are placed face to face </p>
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