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The reporter comes to here had been much at 9 o'clock, zhang Zilin and manager Cai Shunqing are checking the plate that strong production comes out in the workshop, composite decking around in ground pool discuss management case. "The order hair of Dongguan went out yesterday, delivered two cars board. Work overtime to also want to assure to deliver goods on time.

" Zhang Zilin says. "Production is too nervous recently, order of and other places of Guangdong, Shanghai is particularly much, add product line so that clutch. manufacturer of outdoor decking tiles in austria " Cai Shunqing says. Since project put into production, this company undertakes order is produced all the time, every months of order has an average client 30 thousand pieces of two bat. Product line of 8 of this project high levels everyday full load runs, still cannot satisfy need.

"Product line is too taut, go up again the word workshop place of product line is insufficient, we prepare to add two lifting platform first, a little while the wood feel uv resistant wpc decking worker comes over. " Zhang Zilin makes arrangement to the job, "Arrange you clear to follow a worker a little while, today must cut is over the ground.wpc deck board
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