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<p>decoration materials, pulp, furniture, plywood and other production applications, birch growth conditions more cold climate, so it has a good Of the cold resistance, for pests and diseases, with an unexpected immunity, can be imagined, made of birch wood birch flooring, want to come is also excellent. Second, the characteristics of birch flooring 1, the material soft and light material density is relatively small, pick up relatively light, flexible, hand touch feeling </p>
<p>delicate, glorious, not wear, not suitable for many public places pavement. 2, decorative strong As the color is shallow, can be made into a variety of colors, texture better look, decorative effect is good, can be a variety of processing, processing birch flooring general color clear natural, very wild. 3, the style of natural birch flooring decorative style back to nature, the texture of nature, mostly in the country and antique style hand scratching the floor for the </p>
<p>mainstream, peace of mind bite handy antique floor with a strong European rural pastoral and retro taste, its grain texture The slightest visible, increase the floor surface of the three-dimensional, with delicate expressive expression, the interpretation of a strong local flavor of the North home fashion, birch has a shiny surface and smooth mechanism, in particular, to meet the modern people close to the natural decoration Concept, is one of the best-selling tree species </p>
<p>deck packages ready to assemble<br />
wood composite outdoor cement deck flooring<br />
installing vinyl fence on top of a cement block wall</p>
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